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Being organized when you pack will save you a lot of time and hassle in your new country.

It is also good to know what to bring from home, or what to buy in your new city.

Before you even drag the suitcase out, let’s run through this checklist…

Get organized before you go:

  1. Load copies of documents, photos, music to cloud storage
  2. Store important contacts and information in a Google Doc
  3. Know your flight – weight restrictions, entertainment and food
  4. Arrange airport pickup for when your flight arrives
  5. If you bring a phone, download an app so you can contact family and friends with access to Wi-Fi
  6. Add something to make your luggage recognizable
  7. Bring hand luggage that can be used for day trips and everyday use

Did you tick all seven boxes? Okay, great. Let’s pack now.

What to pack in checked baggage?

  1. A photocopy of your passport
  2. Toiletries, such as contact lenses and liquids, feminine products, razors and shaving products
  3. Power strip/plug board – allows you to connect multiple devices
  4. All books/materials you want to take with you for your studies
  5. Appropriate clothing for the seasons

Some things are best left at home, so to avoid wasting money or getting into trouble with customs, make sure you don’t pack any of the following.

What can’t you bring?

  1. Spices or vegetable products that you can easily buy in the supermarket
  2. Stationery is readily available. It is not necessary to bring everything with you.
  3. Large amounts of cash
  4. Pirated goods (movies, etc.)
  5. Anything that can be considered a weapon